Invited Talks/Presentations

Network-aware Data Migration between Distributed Data Repositories, Aug 07, 2017, Verizon, Los Angeles, CA

Network-aware Data Management for High Throughput Flows, Sept 28, 2015, Akamai, Cambridge, MA

Network-aware Data Management for Large Scale Distributed Applications, IBM Research-Almaden, San Jose, CA – June 24, 2015

Network-aware Data Management Middleware for High Throughput Flows, AT&T Research, March, 2015 (ppt) (abstract)

Analyzing Data Movements and Identifying Techniques for Next-generation Networks,  UC Davis, Jan 28th, 2013  (ppt) (abstract)

Memory-Mapped Zero-copy Network Channel for Moving Large Datasets over 100Gbps Network, SC'12, Salt Lake City, Utah,  Nov 2012

Experiences with High-bandwidth Networks, ESGF Face to Face meeting, Nov 2012, Livermore, CA (ppt)

HPX Distributed Runtime System and Beyond, Oct 2012, Berkeley, CA

Streaming Exa Scale Data over 100Gbps Network, CRD all hands meeting, July 2012, Berkeley, CA

Experiences with 100Gbps Applications (E. Pouyoul, Y.Yao, E.W.Bethel, B. Loring, Prabhat, J. Shalf, A.Sim, B.L.Tierney), HPDC'12 , Delft, the Netherlands,  June 2012

Scaling the Earth System Grid to 100Gbps Networks (with A. Sim), SC'11, Nov 2011, Seattle, WA (ppt, pdf)

RDMA over Ethernet (RoCE): LBNL collaboration with Korean Institute of Science and Technology, LBNL seminar, Berkeley, CA, June 2011

Analysis of Climate Data over Fast Networks, Parallel Tetrahedral Mesh Refinement, Center for Scalable Application Development Software (CScADS) Summer workshop, July 2011 (ppt)

Adaptive Transfer Adjustment in Efficient Bulk Data Transfer Management for Climate Datasets (with A.Sim, D. Williams, A. Shoshani, V Natarajan), PDCS10, Los Angeles, CA, Nov 2010 (ppt)

A Flexible Network Reservation Algorithm (with E. Chaniokatis, A. Shoshani, A.Sim),  SC10, Nov 2010, New Orleans, LA (demo)

Data Scheduling with Stork, Data-intensive Dist. Computing workshop at SUBR (with T. Kosar), 2009, Baton Rouge, LA,

Advance Network Reservation and Provisioning for Science (with A. Shoshani, A.Sim), LBNL CS Seminars, Berkeley, CA, Aug 2009

Data Migration between Distributed Repositories for Collaborative Research, LBNL Seminars, Berkelet, CA, June, 2009

Stork 1.0 and Beyond: Data Scheduling for Large-scale Collaborative Science (with T.Kosar), Condor Week, Madison, WI, April 2009

Distributed Storage and Data Management in PetaShare for Collaborative Research (with I. Akturk, X. Wang, and T. Kosar), In Open Science Grid (OSG) All Hands Meeting at LIGO, Livingston, LA, March 2009 - (3rd Best Poster)

Data Scheduling with Stork in Distributed Repositories (with I. Akturk, T. Kosar), In Open Science Grid (OSG) All Hands Meeting at LIGO, Livingston, LA, March 2009

Intermediate Gateway Service to Aggregate and Cache I/O operations into Data Repositories (with I. Akturk, T. Kosar), USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies- FAST'09, San Francisco, CA, Feb 2009. 

Enhancements in Stork Data Placement Scheduler (with T.Kosar), Cybertools External Review Board Meeting, Baton Rouge, LA, August 2008. 

Stork: A Scheduler for Data Placement Activities (with T.Kosar), Cybertools All Hands Meeting, Baton Rouge, LA, May 2008.

Distributed Data Management with PetaShare (with I.H.Suslu, T.Kosar),  15th ACM SIGAPP Mardi Gras Conference, Baton Rouge, LA, Jan 2008.

Data Scheduling for Large Scale Distributed Applications (with T.Kosar), International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS'07), Funchal, Madeira-Portugal, 2007.

From Micro- to Macro-processing: A Generic Data Management Model (with T.Kosar),  8th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Grid Computing (Grid 2007), Austin, TX, 2007.